Frequently Asked Questions

I am doing some Drilling/ Reaming/ Tapping/ Counter boring operations on CNC machine. Can I replace these with Auram Drilling machine?

What is a Multi Drill Head or a Multi Tap Head?

A multi Drill or Multi tap head is an attachment to be mounted on the drill spindle which converts the single spindle operation into a multi spindle operation, thus multiplying the no. of holes drilled or tapped at a time. These are available in various sizes and no. of spindles in fixed as well as adjustable centre distance models.

Pease contact for your specific requirements.

I am getting a cheaper drilling machine. Why should I buy an Auram KTK Drilling machine?

The quality of the machines available cheap in the market is not guaranteed and hence in turns the quality on the components produced on the machine will also suffer. In case of Auram KTK machines, the castings are used of specified grades, they are stress relived. The spindles are ground and hard chrome plated; the bearings are of high grade as well as the machines are built to IS standard for Spindle run outs and alignments. This ensures trouble free operation, long life, reduced maintenance and a reliable performance, backed by qualified and experienced service back up.

What is a pitch controlled tapping machine?

For Automatic tapping operation, the tap should advance exactly as per the pitch of the tap for every rotation. A pitch controlled tapping (Lead Screw type and Nut type) ensures this.

What t is the difference between a lead screw type and nut type pitch controlled tapping machine?

Why should I use a pitch controlled taping machine in stead of a standard drilling machine with tapping attachment?

My machine will run all three shifts; Can I use the full capacity (Max Drill Size)?

The capacity varies (on a single machine also) depending upon the material/hardness and tool used etc. Generally we recommend loading the machine 75% of its full capacity if the machine is expected to run all three shifts.

What is Day light and Throat of Drilling machine?

Throat: This is the gap between the spindle Centre line to the column. This indirectly gives/ limits the maximum diameter or the size of the component you can load on the machine.

Day light: This is the maximum distance (gap) between the machine table and the spindle bottom face (When spindle is in retracted position). This gives an indication about the maximum height of the component you can accommodate on the machine. (Note: you also have to consider the fixture height and the tool length to arrive at the actual limiting height of the component.

Put together these two specifications give an indication of the total component size which can be accommodated on the machine. Hence you have to select a machine to suit your component size.

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